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Some links listed on this site are in .pdf format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and/or print them. The free download is available here:


Product Brochure
2012-2013 Product Brochure (PDF)

SPST, RF MEMS Switches
RMSW101 - SPST, DC-12 GHz (PDF)
RMSW100HP - SPST, High Power (10 W), DC-12 GHz (PDF) New!
RMSW201 - SPST, High Isolation, DC-20 GHz (PDF)
RMSW200HP - SPST, Broadband (DC-40 GHz), High Power (10 W) (PDF) New!

SPDT, RF MEMS Switches
RMSW221 - SPDT, DC-20 GHz (PDF)
RMSW220HP - SPDT; DC to 40 GHZ, High Power (10 W) (PDF) New!

SP4T, RF MEMS Switches
RMSW240 - SP4T, DC-20 GHz (PDF)

SP6T, RF MEMS Switches
RMSW260 - SP6T, DC-20 GHz (PDF)

Evaluation Boards
RMSW101 Evaluation Board (PDF) New!
RMSW201 Evaluation Board (PDF) New!
RMSW100HP Evaluation Board (PDF)
RMSW200HP Evaluation Board (PDF)
RMSW220HP Evaluation Board (PDF)
RMSW221QFN Evaluation Board (PDF) New!
RMSW240 Evaluation Board (PDF) New!
RMSW260 Evaluation Board (PDF) New!
RMDR1000 8-Channel, 90 V Evaluation Driver (PDF)

Evaluation boards for other products are coming soon - please click here to request more information.

Application Notes
RF Performance Temperature Dependence (PDF)
Enviromental Application Note (PDF)
Test and Handling of SPST RF-MEMS Switches (PDF)
DC-DC Converter (+5 V to -90 V) (PDF)
S-Parameter Measurements of MEMS Switches (PDF)
RMDR1000 Programming Guide (PDF)

Discontinued Products

The following switches have been discontinued and replaced with new switches that have identical footprints, higher power handling, and otherwise similar characteristics.

Discontinued Products Replacement Products