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Radant MEMS Switch delivers highest reliability...Over 1.5 Trillion Cycles Demonstrated

Frost & Sullivan selects Radant MEMS, Inc., as the recipient of the 2005 Award for Excellence in Technology for its pioneering work in the field of radio frequency micro-electro-mechanical systems (RF MEMS).

Radantís RF MEMS switches and assemblies are suitable for many government and commercial applications, including radar, telecommunication, phase shifters, satellite, Automatic Test Equipment, wireless LAN, and many other applications.

Proven Life Cycle Reliability
Radant MEMS electrostatically actuated microswitches have a demonstrated life of 1.5 trillion switching cycles. Industry-leading reliability now makes RF MEMS switches an attractive alternative to other mechanical and solid state switches.

Less Costly Packaging
Unlike costly custom packaging or ceramic packages, a Radant MEMS switch has its own wafer level package, which reduces costs and complexity and increases reliability of customer systems.

Established Fabrication Process
Radant MEMS has been manufacturing devices since 1999. With an established fabrication process and experienced manufacturing capabilities, Radant MEMS can scale to meet customer needs quickly.

Industry Leading Team
RMI is led by a talented team of people who are forerunners in the field of RF and Microwave management. RMI's scientists and engineers have years of experience in contact surface chemistry, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology, and production of RF, Microwave, and Millimeter-Wave switches.